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Monday, June 30, 2014

Greetings from the dark side. I have a special treat for you today. Have a seat, and light your candle as I share the inner workings of a twisted mind – or three. By special invitation from E. A. Nash, I have been included in a most horrifically contagious event. It is the “My Writing Process” blog tour. (You can find the original here: My Writing Process blog tour.) Hop on board and follow the minds of the industries most morbid, creative, and inspirational authors. As part of the tour, I have been given four questions to answer, and hopefully enlighten you fine people with the inner-workings of my dark mind; so here we go! Question 1. What am I working on? Answer: After a lengthy hiatus, I have returned to the Dangerous Minds trilogy. Book Two is well underway, and will hopefully come to fruition by the end of this year. I have also had success with some current short stories. The most recent being The Fun House, in the horror anthology Death Awaits: A Scarlett Nightmare, published by Harren Press. You can find them here: Harren Press. Question 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? Answer: Well, tall order there. I would have to say it is different in the fact I am not really predictable. From the many reviews I have received from numerous works of mine, the common recurring statements reflect the surprise the readers felt at the end. I try to keep it interesting, and not easy to guess, while giving a satisfying ending. Question 3. Why do I write what I do? Answer: I’d like to say, because having people act out my fantasies would lead to criminal charges… However I deeply believe writing in any genre is therapeutic – whether professional or not. I enjoy exploring the psyche of the deranged, and morbidly exquisite characters that make themselves known to me. It is a lot safer than talking to real criminally insane individuals. Question 4. How does my writing process work? Answer: For me I need to cut myself off from friends, family, phone calls and internet. I close my eyes and picture the people, places, and events about to take place, and then I allow that vision to transfer to the screen of my laptop. My concentration and muse are fleeting, so distractions can cause delays. During a long work of fiction, I only allow myself to read one page back, This keeps me from editing along the way – another distraction. As a reward for finishing a chapter, I print it. It may not seem like much, but as each one prints, I can physically see my story grow, and that is a big motivator for me. Regardless of the length of work, I always let it sit and cool for a while before I start editing. In this regard, distractions help give the distance needed to cut away the junk; and then, start a new one. Well friends, I hope post this has given you some tidbit of knowledge about myself you didn’t know before. Be well, stay safe, and embrace the darkness! Continuing the tour will be Blaze McRob – a multi-talented writer with a heart of gold – not to be confused with the many other body parts he collects. Here is more about Blaze: Blaze McRob has penned many titles under different names. It is time for him to come out and play as Blaze. In addition to inclusions in numerous anthologies, he has written many novels, short stories, flash fiction pieces, and even poetry. Most of his offerings are Dark. However dark they might be, there is always an underlying message contained within. Join him as he explores the Dark side. You know you want to. And last but certainly not least, meet the woman of a thousand minds, Emmy Z. Madrigal. Here is more about her: Emmy Z. Madrigal is the author of the musical romance series, Sweet Dreams and the artist spin-off Anime Girl. Her love of music and the Jazz masters of the Big Band Era have always inspired her life and her writing. She also writes horror and vampire fiction under the name Emerian Rich. To find out more, go to: For more about E.A. Nash, click here: Ah! Blog -

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Greetings all. I hope all of you who celebrated the holidays had a wonderful and safe time. My 3000 km move and the holidays are finally over, and I can get back to doing what I love most - writing! With many projects in the works for my publishing company - Scarlett River Press - and the second installment of The Nightmare Project underway, things are busy here to say the least. I am overjoyed at the support my readers and writers have shown over the past few months when a lot of things went haywire for me. Thank you to all who have shown your support, from your kind words to your patience. I can't express enough what that has meant to me. Keep up with more news at my personal website here: If you would like to check out book one of The Nightmare Project, you can do so here: The Nightmare Project. I wish us all a very happy and successful 2013!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Whispers from the Abyss: 5Qs with Jo Ann Russell

Whispers from the Abyss: 5Qs with Jo Ann Russell: 1.) When did you first consider yourself a writer? A.)   Honestly, I first considered myself a writer when I completed my first novel...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Festival of Fear - FanExpo 2012 Toronto, Canada

If you are going to the FanExpo, be on the lookout for the HWA booth. I will be there on August 24th, and 25th, to help promote the Horror Writer's Association. I will also be doing a signing, but I am yet to know the time. I am really looking forward to meeting some of my HWA family, and readers, as well as the good folks from Rue Morgue, who are HWA sponsors. There will be horrors galore for all who come! See you there. :-)