Monday, February 13, 2012

New Version, Cover and Publisher. Re: TNP

January 26, 2012The Nightmare Project has been pulled - but don't worry - it has been accepted by a wonderful publishing house called Muse It Up. My novel should be available by October 2012 for your reading pleasure.Along with a new company, The Nightmare Project is getting a facelift with a fantastic new cover design, and the contents will be revised to the best it can be.
Muse It Up has a wonderful variety of authors and genres for everyone's tastes. There is even a section for teens and children, so come on over and see what's new!

Muse It Up Publishing 
Have a wonderful day, and see you soon! 

The Nightmare Project Review

 The first review of The Nightmare Project is up thanks to Nikki Lynn Barrett, on her Storm Goddess Blog.
It is a great blog for readers and writers looking to gain insight and info on writers and new books. Nikki also sometimes participates in give-aways!

Please visit her blog and check out the review for my book. Have a wonderful week!

In A Dark Place

Posted by Jo-Anne Russell on Sunday, October 16, 2011 Under: Short Stories / Anthologies
Greetings and welcome back.
Has this month been busy for you? It sure has for me. I welcomed my first grandchild into our family,
a boy named Malakai. Mom, baby and dad are all doing well. He was born on October 11th 2011 weighing 7 pounds, 19 inches long.
I also have a huge workload with multiple deadlines for the end of this month. My newest horror flash has been published in the anthology “In A Dark Place,” by Brazen Snake Books. The story is called “The Promised Land,” and it is my first story of historical fiction and zombies. You can find the link in my book store.
With my favorite holiday just around the corner I am gearing up by telling my children scary stories, decorating and watching all my favorite horror flicks.
What are you doing to prepare for Halloween?

Behind Locked Doors

Posted by Jo-Anne Russell on Sunday, September 25, 2011 Under: Short Stories / Anthologies
Hello, and welcome back.
I have been busy working hard on spreading the news of The Nightmare Project, and working on other shorter pieces for your entertainment.

My new flash called The Letter, will appear in the anthology "Behind Locked Doors,`` and is edited by Jessica A. Weiss.
I also have six poems that will appear in the Poems from the Dark Side Volume Two, anthology.

There is much more in the works as I have other short fiction and non-fiction up for consideration. I am also busy working on Book 2 of the Dangerous Minds Trilogy.

Links to all anthologies with cover images will be available at my store and images pages soon, and publication dates will be posted as soon as I know them. ;)

Until then, keep reading and embrace the darkness!

Monster Gallery

Five, possibly six of my flash horror stories have been accepted for the anthology MONSTER GALLERY, which should be available in print by Halloween 2011. The titles of my shorts are as follows:
Covenant of Flesh
Accidental Death
Whispers in the Cellar
The Ninth Stall
This anthology is edited by George Wilhite, and there will be reviews by some very special horror writers, but they are a surprise. ;)

More details to follow, but be warned... These stories aren't for the squeemish or faint of heart!