Wednesday, July 27, 2011

News about The Nightmare Project ~ My novel

Hello everyone!
I have decided to release my debut novel The Nightmare Project as an eBook first. The reasons for my decision are many.
First off, eBook reading has grown by leaps and bounds. The available platforms and multiple formats make it easy for consumers to enjoy reading on the go. You don't lose your pages and you can usually read the same book across many devices at the same time without losing your place in the story.
With video games and electronics as the primary source of entertainment for today's youths, eReading has enabled many to enjoy the love of reading who otherwise may not have started reading, or read as many books.
I also appreciate the creative freedoms allowed to me by publishing an eBook. I decide what stays and what goes, the length, the style and the cover. Because of the company I have chosen to go with, (SmashWords), my novel will be available at a multitude of online retailers, and in a vast variety of formats. Even if you do not have an eReader device, you will still be able to enjoy my eBook by using one of the many free computer applications usually provided by the sites where you can buy eBooks.I will be compiling a list of some of the most popular eReading devices and the eBook formats that they use to help you troubleshoot in case you do not know what format would best suit you. The release date will be announced soon.
Keep reading, and visit again soon!  
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